Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with @tcsmalaysia this coming fall through @photographerswithoutborders, an organization I’ve involved for sometime.

Turtle Conservation Society(TCS) is the first non-governmental and non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of freshwater turtles in Malaysia. The aim of the Society is to bring about the recovery of depleted wild populations of freshwater turtles through partnerships with like-minded organisations, individuals and local communities as well as through its own programmes.

The goal is to document the organization’s effort in its conservation activities and to inform the public about the urgency of replenishing the fast diminishing freshwater turtle population in the country. But in order for the project to be realized we need your help.

Please visit the link and donate however you can to help the cause. I understand that this is a difficult time to do so but your contribution would greatly make a difference in preserving the eco system that are disappearing steadily.