Longevity of Inkjet Prints

There’s an interesting article at nytimes.com regarding to the longevity of a photographic images being printed by inkjet printers, which is widely practiced by consumers and professional alike today. It offers an interesting insights on the task which Inkjet photo printers face today – something which many of us already know – lasting prints. It also reminds us that though the photographic evolution in which film capturing is being replaced by digital capturing in an astonishing speed, the core issue of preserving digital medium is still daunting and will take many years to resolve.

For full detail of the Article please visit www.nytimes.com

Life as a Photog

When do you realize you really have no life as a photographer?……..when you spent days between light table and computer editing, scanning, and retouching……Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the effort. On the contrary I find the whole process quite meditating. It trains your patience and your eye to select a perfect image your looking for(Of course shooting also contributes but I’ll leave this topic to some other time). And with everything on film all the mistake you made are all on there, which will benefit you tobe better technician to you craft.
Scanning aside, after 6 months of shooting nothing but digital for a seasonal job I sold my own digital camera and picked up my film cameras once again. Fade up with digital bombardment would be a contributing factor but the real reason behind it is that I treat my digital cameras as commodity rather than possession , which make me extremely easy to replace a new one as they constantly evolve. But my rangefinders…..they’re my jewel……I would not let go of them even if films extinct one day. They’re extension of my eye, my old reliable tool and my voice in which how I perceive the world. When I used my rangefinders, I feel calm. I become patient. I slowed down. I’m relaxed. I wait for a perfect moment before I capture it. Since there’s no “LCD preview screen” I let all my imagination fly on how a good shot should be.
So, next time you’re showing off your latest DSLR ‘cannons’ and laugh at my little antiques…think about what I said on this blog…….

The Long Overdued Blog

Well, When blogging phenomenon first started swiping through this part of the world I was not too fancy about it. Having the advantage of being bilingual I was able to gaze through what was going on in Asia prior to blogging gained its popularity today. Anyhow, over in Asia there was a time posting messages on a so called BBS site was really popular and it was…..uh…..like stepping into a no man’s land.

I had this idea of having my own blog for pretty much about a year but then because of constant traveling and the time consuming process of updating a website it was remain a concept until now.

Now, I’m no web designer or coder so even though I build most part of this site a lot of layout might be laughable to the professional. I am no writer as well so mis-spelling and grammatical errors might scare writers away if they ever visited this site. Adding to the matter worse I’m bilingual and at this point I just don’t know which language I’m more fluent – my native or English.

You are, however, will find photographs through out this site and in this journal section since I’m a photographer and have been doing this for some time now.